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Community-Based TOurism (CBT)

Community-based tourism (CBT) is a form of tourism where the members of local communities have the control over development and management of tourism activities in their communities. This ensures that a fair share of the benefits remain within these communities. CBT is certainly “for-profit,” but its essence is promoting local products and local ownership. CBT businesses may receive coordination and training from a central facilitator or consultant but are never owned by distant investors.

But CBT is not only good for local people. It is also good for you. It provides a fresh, new and interesting travel experience for tourists. CBT gives travelers authentic visits inside homes, villages and heritages while delivering proceeds directly to the families that visitors stay with and buy from. In other words, Community Based Tourism is the opposite of mass tourism. More personal, more unique, more sustainable, more memorable!








The Integrated Mineral Resources Initiative (IMRI) program of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), National Development Agency (NDA) and Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) started implementing the project “Sustainable tourism and Sufficiency economy in Mongolia” in January 2018. The project goal is to support the Mongolian tourism sector in local areas, focusing on community-based tourism activities.

Tourism in Mongolia is expanding each year and it opens more options to create new jobs and increases access to new income sources. This is also true for local communities in Uvs, Bayankhongor and Selenge Aimags, with more and more people engaging in tourism. brings together local herder communities and tourists. Herders have the opportunity to list their community-based tourism offers on this website. Tourists may choose from this offers and book unique accommodations and enjoy a magical experience in our nomadic Mongolia. Magic Mongolia’s experienced hosts are eager to share their passions and interests with both local and international travelers.


Our herder communities work in close cooperation to make your holiday happen. There is no tour operating company which takes care of organisation and payment. So please contact the community leader directly via phone or email or contact the Aimag Tourism Office. The Tourism Office is happy to help you with organising your travel. Note that payments will be made with cash in the community. This is how we ensure that the money stays within the community.


Check the entries in the section STAY AT COMMUNITIES. Here you find more detailed information about the communities listed on our website. In some cases you will even find GPS coordiantes or a What3Words address. You may also call the community leader or the local Tourism office to ask for a detailed description of the way.


Check the entries in the section STAY AT COMMUNITIES. Here you find more detailed information about the communities listed on our website. Usually you find the name of the name of the community leader and contact information (phone, email). Of course you can also contact the Tourism Office of the Aimag and get more information there.


It depends on your expectations. If you are a very flexible person - simply go there. But giving your hosts a short warning on the phone never hurts. If you want to make sure that everything is prepared nicely it is better to contact the community or the Tourism Department of the Aimag beforehand. We recommend that tourist who are not familiar with Mongolian language and customs contact the Tourism Department of the Aimag and also arrange transportation in advance.


To use what 3 words, download the free app (in Mongolian or English) and enter the what3word address found on the CBT website. The app willl locate the place your are looking for within a 3m x 3m square on a map in the app (in map or satelite view). The app also includes means to navigate you to the selected spot. Get more information about this on



Since you are staying in a herder family who are not tourism professionals it will not be the same as staying in a professional hotel or bed & breakfast. Our herder families will happpily share their way of life and make you part of their community or family. So this means that you will share their way of living which is maybe less comfortable than living in a big city.