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Ундрал Ээж Мөнх нөхөрлөл

Undral” community is located 22 km away from Ulaangom soum and was first established in 2008 with the goal to protect nature by the community members. It has total of 13 members of 7 families and the main activities are forestry, natural protection, eco-tourism and tradition of Khoton ethnic group.

Нөхөрлөлийн ахлагч - Төрмөнх
Хэл - Монгол хэл
Байрлах орон байр - 3 гэр мөн 10 ор
Хаяг - Uliatai Valley, Tarialan soum, Uvs province
Утас - 99454306

“UNDRAL EEJ MUNKH” community was first established in 2008 with the goal to protect nature by the community members. It has total of 13 members of 7 households and the community leader is Mt. Turmunkh. The current activities on the community focus on forestry, natural protection and eco-tourism. The community ger camp locates in Tarialan soum, which is 22 km from Ulaangom soum, Uvs province

One of our popular programs is named the “YUDEN TOUR”, which is 2-days and 1-night tour program. In addition, we offer half day, one day and 3-7 days tailored programs and these programs includes the following specific activities:

  • Mongolian Nomadic lifestyle, tradition of Khoton ethnic minority and its culture
  • Tasting of Seabuckthorn berries ripened in mineral water of Kharkhiraa river, in fertile soil and fresh natural air 
  • Praying to the local sacred MOTHER TREE and get to know its history
  • Visiting Soum center’s museum
  • Enjoying and learning local traditional music and Khoton ethnic dance performance
  • Visiting the ancient historical place of King Galdan boshigt and historical water sewage system 
  • Hiking and rallying in car through Kharkhiraa and Turgen mountains
  • Tour through  1000’s valley and hear its tragic truths of history
  • Witnessing the fire-heated steel performance of local monk with Fire mantra 
  • Learning how to do wheat flour
  • Learn about animal husbandry
  • Learn how to do local meals etc. 

Through the CBT programs, our guests and visitors enjoy the themed programs such as “Nature friendly child and discovering the earth” to study about the history and myths of MOTHER tree and other types of trees and flowers, “Capital city boy” to learn about Khoton ethnic culture including traditional dance and music, milling wheat flour, milking cows, harvesting, and “SNOW and ICE holiday” to introduce and develop the winter tourism activities such ice skating, fishing and various traditional ice games.


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